If like me your AC compressor stop working because you busted your springs, you will be glad to know that you don’t have to replace the compressor like the dealer pretends. A compressor replacement will cost about 1000$. However you can replace the broken springs for about 60$ without removing the compressor from the car and thus save the costly R134 refill.

Here’s what a broken spring looks like:

Broken Spring


This model of compressor (Valeo DKV-10R / 73111FG001) was installed on the following models :

  • Subaru Impreza 2008-2009-2010
  • Subaru Forester 2008-2009-2010


One day I heard a weird sound when turning off the AC. So I lift the hood and noticed that the drive plate was off center and loose between the pulley and the flange. Then I realized that the 3 springs were broken. To prevent the drive plate from being damaged by the spinning pulley, I remove the screw, flange and drive plate. That's a 5 minute job. I figured it would be easy to buy a new drive plate assembly to repair my compressor. I was quite disappointed when the dealer told me that I had to buy the whole compressor at 900$ since they don't sell spare parts to repair the clutch. I couldn't accept that I would have to change the compressor because of little broken springs. I looked for the part on Internet but I could only find forums and YouTube video of other people having the same problem. So I decided to make my own springs to repair my compressor. I measured everything and designed it. I took the liberty of making it in a single piece instead of 3 pieces like the original. I figured it would be easier to install and since I'm re-doing it from scratch, I might as well improve it!
                           OEM springs                                    Custom replacement spring                                                  CAD
    OEM          Custom      CAD

I got my custom spring manufactured and bought some rivets to install it. I re-installed everything on the car and was more than happy to see that my AC was working fine again! Then I thought I should share this to help other people repair their compressor at low cost.


I designed a new version to simplify manufacturing and improve the lifetime of the srping. Follow the same installation instructions and make sure to install the spring in the correct orientation:

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Tom's spring