This website is about removing the speed limitation on electric bikes. I own an EVO MD-1 bike equipped with the Shimano STEPS E6000 system. The Shimano computer is programmed to cut the assistance at 25 or 32 km/h (depending on country). Mine is (was) limited to 32 km/h. I searched the web to find ways to remove the speed limit. There are a few electronic solutions that consist of a battery powered device that modifies the speed sensor reading such as the badassbox. These solutions are however quite expensive.

I decided to build my own version. Since I don't know much about electronics, I made a mechanical version that cost less than 5$. The principle is quite simple and therefore reliable. Being mechanical, it has the following advantages:

  • It is simple.
  • It is easy to make and install.
  • You don't need to modify the Shimano electronics or open the motor.
  • No risk to damage the Shimano electronics.
  • It is fail safe.


The Shimano system needs to have a speed input to work properly. If you remove the speed sensor magnet from the wheel to disable the speed sensor, the computer will cut the motor assistance. If you install the speed sensor magnet on the pedal crank arm, this will reduce the measured speed and could give you more top speed. However, the Shimano computer already has a sensor that measures the crank arm speed. Therefore the computer will recognized that the wheel speed matches the crank arm speed and will disable the motor assistance.


To go faster, you need to modify the speed reading of the Shimano computer. It could be done by modifying the wheel diameter in the computer. However this has been locked by Shimano and requires a Shimano dealer access. The way around this is to mount a magnet on a small wheel that will turn slower than the bike's wheel. The original magnet that is located in the wheel is moved away but left on the wheel. So if the system goes wrong, you could easily move the original magnet back to its place and continue your ride.